About Mr. Adam Miller 

Mr Adam Miller is the Founder and Director of The Golden Camera Company ltd. Adam has over

10 years experience performing and working within the Entertainment Industry, most notably in 2018 Adam made his childhood dreams come true when he secured himself a position as a Professional Figure Skater on Disney On Ice. With Disney Adam went on to tour all of Eastern and Western Europe (including the UK playing venues such as the London 02), as well as South America. 


Not only does Adam have a vast ammount of performing experience not only in Figure Skating but in dance also, he has also been Media Trained by mentors from the US Networks, ABC, NBC as well as the Feld Entertainment Media Department. Here, Adam was introduced to the language of the Entertainment Industry, his knowlege of what is expected from Performers and why said things are expected of Performers, grew expanentionally and it secured his dream of one day operating a company like The Golden Camera Company Ltd. 


Adam’s passion for Entertainment walks right with him. Its a passion that you can almost see beaming off him and he loves nothing more than helping fellow Performance Aritsts create beautiful work and attain industry sucess. known for being down to earth, honest and for having high standards, Adam is the perfect person to guide you on your way into the Entertainment Industry. 

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