Hello and welcome to The Golden Camera Company Ltd. The place where Performing becomes your career. 


We are a Company that specialise in the construction of professional portfolio’s specifically suited to the Entertainment Industry. We deliver top quality headshots, sublime Show Reels and expert guidance that ultimately lead our clients down a path of industry success. 


Since opening in September 2020, we have had the amazing opportunity to work with a number of UK Performance Artists. Ranging from Actors, Singners and even Professional Figure Skaters. Through our services, nearly all of these Performers have gone on to secure work for the 2021 season in a variety of different productions. Some of our clients reached out to us with little prior knowlege, little to no experience and little hope of attaining work and they left us, established industry professionals. 


What sets us apart from our competitors, is:


. The quality of our products 

. The speed and efficiency of which we operate 

. Our genuine passion and care for world class customer service 


We are simply here to give you the very best chances of Industry sucess as possible. Here you are royality. You have our undivided attention. Here, your career is our only concern. Here, you can count on us! 

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