Our policies:


Please ensure you read and fully understand the following policy’s in place at GOLDEN CAMERA COMPANY LTD. These policy’s are in place with our customers in mind.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the following, please feel free to contact us at any time via: adam@goldencameracompany.co.uk


Thank you for your cooperation!






At Golden Camera Company Ltd, we are devoted to providing a service that’s mission is to be educational, supportive and inclusive. Our passion for creating an environment of inclusiveness is expressed through our deep belief that we are at our strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity. No matter where you come from, what you look like or who you love, you are forever welcome here at Golden Camera Company Ltd.


As we provide our services, we continue to look towards advancing our mission. At Golden Camera Company Ltd we will listen to all of our customers with compassion and understanding. We will show deep respect towards the learning process, we will remain committed to being honest, open to new perspectives and we will show our sincere appreciation for all efforts given from our customers throughout each and every consultation they have with us.


From our service, we guarantee you will grow in confidence, with a greater understanding of the Entertainment Industry and it works. You will learn to advance important skills and use them in your day to day professional career.






Anyone is welcome to book a consultation at Golden Camera Company Ltd regardless of age, ability, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.


Our system requires you to pay the consultation fee upon booking.


(See below for further information on our cancellation and refund policies






For cancellations, we kindly ask that you give us at least 24 HOURS NOTICE before your scheduled consultation. Failure to do this will result in you NOT receiving a refund for your booking.




Please be advised that we typically do NOT accept short notice bookings. We do prefer you to book yourself a


Consultation a WEEK in advance. This way it is easier for us to delegate our time and ensure you have the best possible experience. In the very rare event that we cannot grant you your booking, you will be given a FULL refund or alternatively, we will transfer your booking to another date that best works for you.




For refunds on products from our online shop, you must provide us with evidence of fault with the item (.e.g. damage) and prove the date of which you purchased the item from us. From the time you receive the item, you have a period of 2 weeks to report any fault. Failure to report an issue within that time will result in you NOT receiving a refund for your purchase. Please be advised that the refund process for an item from our online store can take several weeks to complete. 









. The recording and/or distribution of any Consultations is strictly prohibited by Golden Camera Company Ltd unless prior 


  written approval has been obtained 



. Discriminatory behaviour, bullying, verbal and/or physical abuse and threatening behaviour towards Adam or any other


  associate to Golden Camera Company Ltd (including other customers) is strictly prohibited. Engaging in such behaviours may 


  result in an immediate permanent ban from ALL Golden Camera Company Ltd services



. Attending Consultations (or any other services) visibly inebriated is prohibited by Golden Camera Company Ltd. We do 


  reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not honour this without chance of refund



. Bookings are strictly non-shareable and non-transferable. We charge per consultation, per person and bookings must be 


  by the person(s) who are listed. 






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