Here we have UK Actor Zachary Douglas. Zach reached out to The Golden Camera Company Ltd in the hopes that we could help him create a brilliant portfolio as he ventured out into the world of the Professional Entertainment Industry! 

Through our Performer Package Service, we managed to do jus that! We captured some brilliant new headshots and Show Reel footage for Zach, in addition to guiding him on constructing the perfect CV! 

Since utilising our Performer Package service, Zach has gone on to secure a number of admirable jobs including the role of ‘Buttons’ in a pantomime adaptation of ‘Cinderella’. In addition to jobs, Zach has also managed to secure himself auditions with a number of representative agencies across the UK! 

Zachary Douglas (Sample Professional Head Shot & Theatrical Photo

Stacy Craik & Eduard Kushtanov 

Here we have Stacy Craik & Eduard Kushtanov. They are a couple of Professional Figure Skaters who have toured the world together as Performers for Disney On Ice (Produced by Feld Entertainment). 

Stacy & Edik (as known), reached out to The Golden Camera Company Ltd in hopes that we could capture their talents and thereafter edit them together a Show Reel. Thanks to booking a Portfolio Creation Service, we did just that! 

Stacy & Edik praised our professionalism and product quality by saying: 

“You guys really outdid yourselves! We love our new Show Reel!”


Since visiting The Golden Camera Company Ltd, Stacy & Edik have gone on to share their new Show Reel with a number of Casting Directors all around the world and have received wonderful feedback! 


“It’s So Nice To Hear Some Positivity & Encouragement After A Year Of Such Fear & Uncertainty” 
- Satisfied Customer 2020 

“Outstanding Customer Service, Really Blew Our Exceptions Away!” 

- Satisfied Customer 2020

“I’ve Never Seen Myself Look So Professional & Happy Before! I Didn’t Think For One Moment That A Picture Could Make You Feel & Look So Good!” 
- Satisfied Customer 2020 

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